DeAnn Melton


Molly © 12"x16"  
Riley © 12"x16"
Ellen tacking Maxx
Kenny & Jenny talking at horse show
Louise & Chiron
Ellen tacking Maxx 9"x12"
Kenny & Jenny at Horse Show 12"x9"
Louise & Chiron 9"x12"
Pat talking at horse show
Beth & Mona
Study in Red & Black
Pat talking at Horse Show 9"x12"
Beth & Mona 9"x12"
Study in Red & Black 17"x27.50"
Study with Boots
Study with Boots © oil on linen 65"x45"
Majolica © oil on linen 60 "x166"
The Floral Dress
The Floral Dress © oil on linen 70"x48"
Rusticana© oil on linen 70 "x192"
Ellen & Charlotte
Ellen & Charlotte© oil on linen 42"x74"
Ken Forman© oil on linen 60"x40"
Dancer Adjusting Ribbon
In the Wings
Dancer Adjusting Ribbon© oil on linen 60"x48" In the Wings© oil on linen 60"x48"


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