DeAnn Melton


I paint outdoors and/or set up fruits and vegetables and flowers with vases for a still life.

Lily Pond Silver Light
Lily Pond Silver Light Study
Lily Pond Silver Light © 30"x40"
Lily Pond Silver Light Study © 30"x40"
DeAnn Melton South Garden
DeAnn Melton Artichoke, Eggplant, Squash
South Garden © 40"x30"
Artichoke, Eggplant, Squash, Scallions © 30"x40"
Butterflies 40"x60"
Butterflies © 40"x60"
Mice 40"x60"
Mice © 40"x60"
DeAnn Melton Arizona Rosewood & Oleander
DeAnn Melton Bouquet with Roses
Arizona Rosewood & Oleander © 23"x30.5"
Bouquet with Roses © 40"x30"
Foxgloves & Roses 57.50"x40"
DeAnn Melton Hibiscus & Trees
Foxglove & Roses © 57.50"x40"
Hibiscus & Trees © 40"x30"
DeAnn Melton Staghorn Cholla
DeAnn Melton Azaleas & Light
Staghorn Cholla © 30"x40"
Azaleas & Light © 40"x30"


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